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News Archive

5 January 2016

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (SORT)

We are delighted that between the three offices we have so far collected £1,545 for Southport Offshore Rescue Trust from wills that we have prepared and completed for clients under the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust free will scheme in November 2015. We still have a few more donations to collect so expect that the total raised should increase by approximately £245.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (Martin Mere Centre)

Donations collected during the November 2015 Will Month for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust amounted in total to £1,130 raised between the three offices. All of the donations raised will be used by WWT for the benefit of Martin Mere. We are pleased to have continued our support for this charity which we have been supporting for many years.

1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all our clients and professional contacts past, present and future best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead.

30 December 2015

A Momentous Year

In a press release to the Southport Visiter Geoffrey Cottrell reported that Cockshott Peck Lewis have just completed a momentous year.

Directors Graham Holt and Geoff Cottrell (pictured) each achieved 40 years as qualified solicitors, both having joined the profession in June 1975.

The Company considers charitable work to be of major importance, and has for many years supported Will Aid by preparing wills free of any charge in return for a donation in support of a number of national charities. During the years up to 2015 we achieved the staggering total of £53,453 money raised.

In addition we have been supporting Queenscourt Hospice, Southport Offshore Rescue Trust, and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (based at Martin Mere).

In 2016 support is going to be targeted once again towards these three local charities. Look out for special advertising to help Cockshott Peck Lewis continue to provide essential support, or enquire at any of their three offices.

1 November 2015

Take part in WWT Will Month this November

WWT is one of the world's respected wetland conservation charities fighting to save wetlands for wildlife.

We are pleased to continue our support for WWT by participating in the WWT will month in November 2015. This is an ideal opportunity to have a will prepared for you in return and at the same time support WWT.

Contact any one of our three offices to arrange an appointment to have a will drawn up for you in November under the scheme. For more information about WWT please visit

30 October 2015

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (SORT)

Throughout November we will support the Southport Lifeboat by preparing wills in return for a donation to the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust.

The Southport Offshore Rescue Trust is the charity that operates the Southport Lifeboat independently of the RNLI. The trust relies on donations and fundraising to support itself to provide a first class life saving service as it does not receive any state funding or funding from the RNLI.

The scheme will run throughout the month of November with all funds raised going towards building a new lifeboat house that will replace the existing building which is over 128 years old. Alan Porter who is the chairman of the Southport Lifeboat has stated that “Cockshott Peck Lewis have supported us on a number of occasions in the past and it is great that they have chosen to help us again. Funds they raise will be going towards our new lifeboat station that we have recently been granted planning permission for. This new building will not only provide enough space for all our equipment but will also double as a good co-ordination centre in the event of local emergencies”.

For more information or to arrange an appointment contact one of our offices during November.

1 October 2015

Solicitors for the Elderly

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) which was founded in 1996 by a handful of dedicated people who were committed to making a difference to older people has grown into a national organisation of over 1,500 lawyers who are all committed to those founding principles.

Val Hulton and Wendy Tyson have both been full members of SFE for many years.

Whilst as an organisation SFE has an “SFE family” feel to it SFE wish to ensure that its members can offer a level of quality assurance for those members who are already experienced in working with the elderly and vulnerable. In order to do so SFE launched a training programme and invited its members to undertake the training to attain the Older Client in Practice award to reflect their skill and expertise in dealing with older and vulnerable clients.

Val Hulton and Wendy Tyson both undertook the training in October 2015 and both became fully accredited members of Solicitors for the Elderly having been awarded the SFE Older Client Care in Practice award.

31 March 2015

Queenscourt Hospice

During March 2015 we participated in a will month to raise funds for Queenscourt Hospice. We were delighted that we were able to raise a total of £3,450 for the local Hospice which has been used by Queenscourt to benefit their patients and families.

The following is a quote from Queenscourt Hospice’s Facebook page:-

“We would like to say a massive thank you to the three branches of Cockshott Peck and Lewis based in Southport, Churchtown and Ainsdale who all took part in the Queenscourt Hospice Will Month this year.

Between them they raised a fantastic £3450 which was raised by them kindly donating their time to write Wills for Queenscourt supporters, this money has all gone to directly benefit our patients and their families."

Pictured here are Valerie Hulton, Geoffrey Cottrell and Wendy Tyson from Cockshott Peck Lewis along with members of the Queenscourt team.

28 February 2015

The Death of Geoffrey Hough

Geoffrey Hough who was a partner in the firm of Cockshott Rayner and Loy joined the merged practice of Cockshott Peck Lewis in 1986 with Graham Holt where he remained a partner until his retirement in the late 1990s. He passed away peacefully at home in February 2015 following a short illness survived by his wife Jean and his three children. He will be greatly missed.

30 November 2014

Will Aid 2014

We took part in Will Aid again in November 2014 having participated for many years in the Will Aid scheme. Under the scheme we have prepared wills for clients in return for a donation to Will Aid which supports nine national charities. Since the date that we first participated in Will Aid to the end of 2014 the total that the firm has raised from its three offices is £53,453.

7 October 2013

Take part in WWT Will Month this November

The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is one of the world’s most respected wetland conservation charities fighting to save wetlands for wildlife and people. We’re pleased to announce that we are supporting WWT during the month of November as part of its Will Month 2013. So, whether you are considering making a will for the first time, or have an existing one that requires amending, this is the perfect opportunity to have this done free of charge, and to help WWT at the same time. Contact us to find out more about taking part. For more information about WWT please visit

10 July 2013

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (SORT)

Southport Offshore Rescue Trust (SORT) approached the firm last autumn to see whether we would participate in a scheme for the benefit of SORT similar to the Will Aid scheme that is run nationally in November each year.

The scheme took place in March so that it would not conflict with the well established Will Aid scheme. Three of the solicitors from this firm agreed to prepare wills for clients under the scheme and donate the fee for their services to SORT which is the charity operating the Southport Lifeboat independently of the RNLI.

The trust relies totally on donations and fund raising to support itself and provide a lifesaving service and the Southport Lifeboat is run entirely by volunteers with no paid employees.

The three other firms of solicitors in Southport that participate annually in Will Aid also took part in the scheme which has raised over £5,000 for SORT.

The firm is pleased to have been associated with and raise funds for this worthy independent local charity. SORT have stated that all of the funds raised are going towards building a new lifeboat house to replace the existing building which is over 125 years old.

7 June 2013

Beware of Unregulated Will Writers

There has been a growth recently in unregulated Will Writers, who are uninsured with no means of redress for a disappointed client if things go wrong.

All Solicitors are subject to strict regulation to ensure that they deliver the best service possible to their client. As Solicitors, we are required to have insurance which protects the public. The Law Society also provide a compensation fund to which all Solicitors contribute to redress any defaults by a Solicitor.

If you choose a Solicitor to draw up your Will, you are ensuring a high level of service and expertise and guaranteed customer protection.

The absence of such protection with Wills drawn up by Will Writers some of whom have very little training and work simply from computer software can damage the public perception of all Will Writers including highly qualified Solicitors.

If you would like a Solicitor at Cockshott Peck Lewis to prepare your Will for you, please contact us at any of our three offices in Ainsdale, Churchtown and Southport for expert advice.

2 May 2013

Dying Matters Awareness Week  13 - 19 May 2013

Cockshott Peck Lewis Solicitors in Southport are taking part in Dying Matters awareness week.

Dying Matters is an organization raising awareness of dying, death and bereavement with the logo of “Let’s talk about it”.

They provide information and support including guidance on writing a Will.

Dying Matters point out that there is confusion amongst people about the technicalities and legalities required in the Will writing process, and concern that they are expensive and time consuming to produce. This is not the case, and the practical aspect of making a Will can help people consider how they want to be remembered and what is important to them at the end of their life.

Formalities must be followed to ensure that your Will is valid and legally binding.

It is essential to use a reputable solicitor who can also advise on how Inheritance Tax may affect you.

For more information and details of our Solicitors and Directors who can help you please contact:-

Wendy Tyson at Churchtown Office on 211649 or wjt@cockshotts.co.uk

Geoff Cottrell at Ainsdale Office on 574144 or ajgc@cockshotts.co.uk

Val Hulton at Southport Office on 534034

If you quote the code DM1 during May 2013 only, a discount of 10% will be applied on your bill for the Will.

28 March 2013

We have received confirmation from Will Aid that the donations made by Cockshott Peck Lewis for 2012 now total £4,905.

So far Will Aid 2012 has raised nearly £1.9m in donations and gift aid and the final total is hoped to be over £2m.

The money raised will transform lives for people around the world, people such as Claude, a former child soldier from war-torn Burundi. After witnessing the troubles and the violet death of his Father, Claude returned to his village with help from a SCIAF supported peace promoting rice co-operative he can now support his own Wife and Daughter.

We are proud to take part in the Will Aid Scheme and Will Aid has benefited our business and our staff and hopefully has also assisted in raising awareness of the benefits of participating in the local community.

1 March 2013

At the Annual General Meeting of Southport & Ormskirk Law Society Incorporated Wendy Tyson, Solicitor and Director at Cockshott Peck Lewis was elected as President for the forthcoming year.

Several Solicitors from Cockshott Peck Lewis have held the post in the distant and recent past and it is an accolade to be able to continue the tradition.

Wendy’s duties will include arranging and speaking at the annual dinner in November, representing the Society at functions of other professions and attending the President and Secretary’s Conference in London in May.

In these challenging times for the profession the Society will be working to develop a Junior Lawyers Division and a website.

4 February 2013

Preparing Your Own Affairs
Why Should I have a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Planning ahead is important and a Lasting Power of Attorney gives people peace of mind and reassurance that somebody you know and trust and you have chosen yourself will make decisions on your behalf if you lose capacity to make those decisions yourself.

There are two types of Lasting Power Of Attorney, one related to property and financial affairs, the other to health and welfare. We recommend a Solicitor helps you fill in these forms as the forms are detailed and complicated.

What if you already have an Enduring Power Of Attorney?

An Enduring Power Of Attorney is a legal document that could be made prior to 31st October 2007 to nominate a person to deal with your financial affairs.

If you have made one of these it is still valid and can continue to be used. The Enduring Power of Attorney must be registered with the Office and the Public Guardian when the donor has lost, or is starting to lose capacity.

Please contact:

Wendy Tyson at Churchtown Office on 211649 or
Geoff Cottrell at Ainsdale Office on 574144 or
Val Hulton at Southport Office on 534034.

4 January 2013

We have received a letter of congratulations from Will Aid thanking us for helping them create one of the most successful Will Aid campaigns in history.

We are informed that the money raised throughout the 2012 campaign will soon be making a real lasting difference to the lives of people both here and aboard, young and old.

Cockshott Peck Lewis are proud to take part in Will Aid as we have done for the past several years and we are aware that Charities are struggling to raise donations in these difficult financial times and we are happy to assist in Will Aids fund raising efforts.

1 November 2016

Graham Holt Retirement

Graham Holt has retired after 40 years in practice as a solicitor. We wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement. Although Graham has retired he intends to keep in close contact with us and is still an executor and trustee in a number of ongoing matters that the firm is dealing with.

30 November 2016

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

The firm once again participated in this scheme to prepare wills for supporters of WWT in return for a charitable donation to WWT rather than a payment to the firm for professional charges.

1 October 2016

Solicitors for the Elderly Research Study

SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) is an independent, national organisation of lawyers, such as solicitors, barristers, and chartered legal executives who provide specialist legal advice for older and vulnerable people, their families and carers.

SFE recently carried out some research into LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney), wills and planning for later life. The key findings were:

      Val Hulton and Wendy Tyson are both fully accredited members for SFE and are specialists in the field of older client law. Not only have they gained significant experience in this field, but they have also undergone a unique qualification which focuses on additional skills to enable them to work with older and vulnerable people.

1 May 2016

Queenscourt Hospice Will Month

We took part again in the Queenscourt Hospice will month in March raising funds for the Hospice.  The total raised by our 3 offices this year was £3,335.  We have participated in each of Queenscourt Hospice’s will months since they first introduced the scheme and expect to do so again if the scheme is run next year.

National Free Wills Network

More than 64 national charities are part of the National Free Wills Network which was introduced several years ago.  The Network comprises hundreds of solicitors throughout the country who prepare wills for supporters of the participating charities at concessionary rates.

The Network was devised to enable participating charities to offer the free wills concept to their supporters.  The charities take complete responsibility for promoting the scheme and arranging for vouchers to be issued to their supporters who wish to have wills prepared under the scheme.  Once the voucher is issued an appointment can be arranged to give instructions.  

For more information contact National Free Wills Network at info@nationalfreewills.net or by post at 17 Mold Business Park, Wrexham Road, Mold CH7 1XP.  Telephone 0345 686 4309.

20 January 2016

Free Wills Month 2016

We are to take take in the Free Wills Month in March. This is a scheme organised by Capacity Marketing for Charities (which is a trading name of Ashton Maund Associates Limited) to support the following charities:

Age UK, British Heart Foundation, Blue Cross for Pets, National Trust, Guide Dogs, NSPCC, The Salvation Army, Athritis Research UK, Lifeboats and Diabetes UK.

For more information or to arrange an appointment please contact one of our office during February or March.